God Cares For Us

August 4, 2012

So I was on twitter a few days back and I saw this picture that really made me sad. One thing I’ll try never to do is judge but it just hurts cause I feel like its hard to keep the truth in when it’s lack is gradually killing those you love.

Firstly, I understand perfectly that everyone is entitled to their opinion but where are the believers and where is your faith? I’m not saying I am a perfect Christian but I can say gradually walking with God I have had a number of spiritual experiences that have built me up and made me stronger. I could literally answer all the questions I found in this picture and didn’t even doubt my faith a tiny bit. Are we actually making a conscious effort to build ourselves up and grow in Christ and spiritually? Is everything else not vanity? Can’t the person who swore to love you forever walk out on you? Will Jesus ever do?

There so many things I have to say I don’t know where to begin. This confusion is one reason why we should always go to church to fellowship and grow. Life is not a bed of roses, neither is Christianity. God never said the road won’t be bumpy but he promised he’ll always show us a way out because infact from my personal experience, Christians face even more trials, attacks and what not and this just makes you stronger, proves Gods work and how the devil is forever and ever defeated.

You ever hear of anyone with a smooth unchallenging life make it big? Trust me that they don’t just say battles they have had to fight to be on top. There is always opposition because we are children of God and the devils plan is to look for ways to put doubt and fear in us so he can defeat us because without faith, your belief is nothing and it’ll give way for spiritual stagnancy. Do you know what extent God goes for people who live for him? God can kill when he wants to kill cause he created us and he owes no one an explanation cause he always has a purpose. It’s also funny how ungrateful we can get. If Eve didn’t eat from the tree do you think there’ll be sin, death, hatred, wickedness, witches and what not? God was trying to save us from all these wicked things because that sin was giving the enemy a legal ground to our lives so he could deceive us, steal from us and mock us. There would have be no use for such knowledge because everyone and everything would have be harmless and cool. The enemy gave us critical thinking sorry if you believe this but haha the devil would so deal with you without God’s revelations. There are some things that you can’t even use the human brain to solve no matter how wise or smart you are; if God doesn’t intervene you’ll go down. The devil understands human nature which is sinful but doesn’t judge you. We shouldn’t get things twisted because he does judge you. Number one, sin is mans nature but it’s what the devil likes and doesn’t want anyone to stop so Ofcourse he understand and would never warn you but as for judging, the spiritual realm is a legal ground and if for example as a married guy, you’ve been praying for a good job and all and then God sends an Angel to bring you this very sick job after all your fasting and praying, the devil wouldn’t be happy and can tempt you to just do something stupid at the gateway of your blessing like probably commit adultery and then when the angel is bringing it to you, he says “no, he just cheated ahn see him even sneaking back home, you can’t give him”. And that’s how your blessing can be held hostage or you have failure at the edge of breakthrough. He uses your past against you and even your mistakes because he knows when you go against God you’ll get punished or miss your blessing. Ofcourse he accepts Gods children because he is trying to build a kingdom and win souls as well. Lastly, about the killing people, sin has consequences, so if God personally instructs you not to do something and you disobey, your life might be the price you’ll have to pay like sodom and Gomorrah. If God calls you now, I’m sorry but people will just use your life to correct their own and make it to heaven while you go “had I known”. The bible is not contradictory because every instance was different. You think you an go stone a guy to death now and then say “lord he was my Goliath” nah G. When people say “God shouldn’t be questioned” it’s literally true cause if you try to study the word everyday and pray and try and let God speak to you, everything begins to makes perfect sense and God won’t do what is not right. If you start trusting 100% and read about people that have in the past you’ll realize everything he does is to your good and his ways might be stupid or ambiguous to the world but his ways are always right and so if you can just leave it to him you’ll see. Do you think you can ever be wiser? If its something seriously hard or that bothers you, pray about it and trust that he will speak to you or reveal something and everything will finally make so much sense. About God killing more people than the devil, As I said earlier, God will do ANYTHING for his children and people who genuinely serve him #believe!! And it’s too bad for some people that are on the receiving end of Gods wrath. If there is one thousand people against one of Gods children, they all can literally die and all he has done is given his child peace. Do you think as a child of God he won’t fight for you or the devil will ever win a battle over you? I mean no matter how hard it is walk by faith and not by sight because it is easy to lose all hope and faith but believe that God is always there with a plan laughing at the devil and every enemy of your life. He is our father and will never want to see us suffer or defeated so all the pain or things we go through are just a springboard for a better tomorrow. Your dad will rather give you money than a stranger so obviously God will rather bless his you and deal with the Satan of your destiny even it means calling them home. The bible says in Isaiah 41:11 that “anyone who opposes you shall perish, die and come to nothing”. So if anyone is disturbing God’s child and they lose their life in the process, sorry that He cares too much. Btw God can call anyone home because he is the creator of heaven and earth. It is Satan that has no right at all to be killing people. God has called even His children home as well so that’s not a critical point because this earth is our temporary home and we all have our expiry dates. We don’t know when our time will be up but we have to be prepared. We’re running a race and that’s our main purpose here so we should just try to make the best use of it daily and try to draw closer to God no matter what we hear, see, or do because God also understands we sin and that’s why he forgives. If you’re battling with a particular thing that you don’t think you can ever stop doing, pray about it and watch. The closer you are to God and try to live a holy life, the more he speaks to you. Also the greater a threat you are to the enemy and why they see a reason to discourage you or make life miserable but God always has our backs and He is literally the best friend you can ever have, talk to and hear from. We’ll become stronger than we can imagine where the enemy can do absolutely nothing. It’s all a gradual growing process and I believe God will continue to help us all if we just call on him. ❤❤

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