Kingdom Influencer Academy is a customized 8-week online learning program for believers who want to discover their purpose, profit from their God-given gifts, and make a difference in the world for Christ. By joining this program, you will be well-equipped and positioned to impact the world through your gifts, talents, skills and expertise.


Ways to work together


Gaining knowledge and training are some of the greatest ingredients of a successful life. I have created relevant programs in faith, business and ministry for kingdom impact makers just like you. 


Whether it’s a podcast, a small training, an intimate women’s retreat, a conference, church or an arena filled to the brim, every opportunity to share is special, important and get’s my full attention.


Join my virtual or live events that are set to transform your faith,  business and ministry. From discovering your life purpose, to growing your gifts, and acquiring new skills, there is an event for you!

I empower people to transform their pain into purpose.

AUTHOR / COACH / speaker


Dear Anina, often I thought to write to you and tell you about the horrible things I am facing, but I decided not to. The reason is that the Lord speaks to me through you. You are truly led by the Holy Spirit! You words have saved me many times and assured me that God does love me and is with me.  Some times when I am all alone in my room and I am breaking down in tears and cry out to the Lord.... seconds later your email comes in with a straight answer from the Lord! Since you don't know anything about what is happening to me and the horror I am facing, I know that your words come straight from the Lord and the Holy Spirit is speaking through you.  I am grateful for your prayers and encouraging words, and I shall never forget you. I am now already sad that 7 of the 9 months have past.... and shall miss your emails once this program is over.


We can work hard to fix things again.

Anina, I had a four hour conversation with my mother. Thank you so much!!! I came from a place of compassion and understanding. And it really went well. I think we can work hard to fix things again. Thank you so much. If I hadn't spoken to you, I'm not sure I would have done this. And if I did this, I wouldn't have gone about it the right way. I would have come from an argumentative and hurt aspect, and it wouldn't have worked. Thank you so much!!!


Your obedience has saved so many.

My body was healed by taking your Kingdom Influencer course, and I have proof. The prayer in module 7 is very powerful. This is real ministry. This is Kingdom Influence. This is the very power of God. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your obedience has saved so many.



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