The Sin Book

August 31, 2012

My friend was saying it’s so hard to live a holy, faultless life and while I don’t think it’s so hard, I think it’s quite a sacrifice and a whole lot of dedication and commitment. I mean EVERYONE is still a work in progress because sin is man’s nature but we can get better every day if we try and if we believe; make up our mind that that’s what we want because there is nothing stronger than a made-up mind. Obviously, when you become Christian and decide that nothing at all is going to get in the way of you and God, it’s hard in the trials you face and whatnot but gradually you become better and stronger. I’ll say the first thing to do basically is to think about your life and how you actually want it to play out, like setting your priorities. If you value God’s judgement more than man, if you prefer his friendship, if you’ll rather sacrifice what you have to and make heaven than please the world, If you want him to basically take control of your every step. I feel like it’s this decision that is the most important because once you actually know what you want, it’s easier to live according to his word because you start to see how everything in the world is vanity and doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. It’s funny how almost everything is a sin. Like almost everything the human body or mind actually wants to do or say. It’s not just the big things like oh adultery, fornication, lying, or stealing. Even the things we can’t really control like anger, jealousy… and in the end, they are all equal to God, right? Sin is sin. I realized this recently when I started actually trying to do everything right and watch my life daily and it seemed like I was actually sinning more. When you let the Holy Spirit come into your heart it’s like your conscience disturbs you when you do anything wrong because the Holy Spirit now becomes your conscience and it’s hard to say shut up or leave me or not feel bad about what you’re doing and gradually that’s how you know what sin is to you because it prompts you all the way. Everyone is equal to God but still different so someone gets away with cheating people doesn’t mean you will, asides from you getting caught, God might punish you. For example, it might be weird if a pastor is found listening to some of the music I listen to. It might be nothing against me but he might get punished. We’re all equal but different before God still and that’s why we should not compare ourselves to others in the issue of sin. Because your youth church pastor or your “perfect Christian” friend is doing it doesn’t make it right. Do you. Don’t try justifying your sin with other people. Read Galatians 5:19&20, James 4:17. Admit when you are wrong and go to God for forgiveness. I know it’s obviously not possible to be perfect or sinless but it’s good to try and make a conscious effort to be better. I came up with an idea. It was weird I realized almost everything I thought was just natural was sinful and I was fed up so I decided to make a “Sin book”. I wrote down a list of things and ruled the page with two columns and put in/progress and I ticked those I could avoid that day and then continued and every week, it’ll help you see which you love most or is a part of you or which you’re improving at and it actually helps you learn about yourself and how to deal with people in a godly way because when you remember that you should keep quiet when you’re angry or let everything go and forgive every one that hurt you daily, you become a better and healthier person. You remove every hindrance to your prayers. It’s not impossible to make one and try today. ❤❤
  1. Toyosi says:

    This is a good idea will try it. you are a blessing keep writing and i pray God will keep using u. I love u and am soo proud to be ur sister

  2. Anina Ilupeju says:

    Thank you. I will, Amen, I love you more plantain :**

  3. covnitkepr1 says:

    Great blog you have here and thanks for answering me on Facebook.
    I write and maintain a blog which I have entitled “Accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it.
    I didn’t see a follow wedgit on this site, but if you put one up…I will gladly follow you publicly as well.

    If you wish, click on “dashboard” on the top right of you main blog…then click on “add a gadget” on the left side column…scroll down and click on “Follow” widget and follow directions.

  4. Henkay says:

    ATINUKE!!!!!!!! keep the flag flying….

  5. Anina Ilupeju says:

    Lol thanks baby :p

  6. Anina Ilupeju says:

    Not a problem. Sure i'll put it up very soon. Thank you

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