Comparison: The Greatest Thief of Joy

January 7, 2016

Just as a reminder that no matter what you are going through or what your situation is at the moment – God’s got you.

Never compare yourself or your destiny to another. They are ahead of you now doesn’t mean they’ll be ahead of your forever.

Remember, the despised shall become the celebrated. The last shall become the first. The servant shall become the master. The poor shall become the performer. The zero man shall become the hero & The anonymous and the unknown shall become the anointed.

Elijah walking with his legs overtook Ahab who was on a horse (1 Kings 18:46). God will restore your wasted years. You’ll overtake smarter people, richer people and even wiser people. No matter how long it takes, your life will surprise your friends and shock your enemies. Your life shall be a proof that God is still at work. Stay Calm ❤️

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