Who Is A Kingdom Influencer?

April 5, 2023

A Kingdom influencer is a person who is committed to growing God’s Kingdom, spreading the gospel and impacting the world through their gifts, talents, skills, experience, and expertise. A person who uses their influence and resources to further God’s Kingdom on earth.

This can take many different forms – it could be a business owner who uses their profits to support charitable causes, a teacher who uses their influence to mentor and disciple young people, or a musician who uses their platform to spread the message of Christ.

However, being a Kingdom influencer is about more than just what we do – it is also about who we are. A true Kingdom influencer is someone who is deeply rooted in their faith, and who seeks to honor God in all that they do. They are people of integrity, compassion, and humility, who are motivated by a desire to serve God and others.

So how can we become Kingdom influencers?

We must be intentional in our faith.

This means spending time in prayer and study of God’s word, seeking to deepen our relationship with Him and to understand His will for our lives. We must also be willing to surrender our own desires and ambitions to God, trusting that He has a plan for our lives that is greater than anything we could ever imagine.

We must be willing to use our influence and resources for God’s Kingdom.

This means being intentional in our business practices, supporting charitable causes, and using our talents to serve others. We must be willing to take risks and step out of our comfort zones, trusting that God will use our efforts for His glory.

We must be willing to be vulnerable and transparent with others.

Kingdom influencers are not perfect – they are people who have struggles and weaknesses just like everyone else. However, they are willing to be open and honest about their struggles, and to use their experiences to encourage and inspire others.

As we seek to be Kingdom influencers, let us remember that it is not about our own ambitions or desires, but about serving God and others with all that we do, have, and are.

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