These 3 Things Will Change Your Life

May 6, 2016

A vast majority of people are running around with virtually no exposure, so ignorant of the world at large and just in their own bubble thinking the world stops in their city, in their country or in their clique. No it doesn’t. It’s so sad to see that a good number of educated people who are ignorantly shallow. (shallow and have no idea). These people often think they are “IT” but 9 out of 10 times lack substance and are really close minded. After wondering about this for so long, these are three E’s I came up with which I believe will eventually determine a persons depth, perspective on life, and probably even success.

EXPOSURE                                        EXPERIENCE                                        EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

It’s important to experience other people, other cultures, other styles, other places. Live away from your family once in your life, spend a holiday by yourself in another country, make a completely new type of friend, grow! Face your fears, live creatively, take risks, think outside the box and let God use you.

As an emotional person there’s a theory I always follow which I call “intellect over emotions” and it has brought me growth in many areas.  I’m not saying disregard, avoid, deny or repress your emotions, but don’t be so emotionally-driven to a point where you can’t think or act right.

Always step back, take a second and analyze what you feel, why you feel that way and what the best reaction, decision or perspective that’ll move you forward is. Remember every action you take that doesn’t fuel your purpose or push you closer to God’s is a waste of time.

In every given situation you can either choose to do the right thing that you know to do or you can allow your emotions constantly have you spiral downwards by letting them control you.

EXPOSURE                                        EXPERIENCE                                        EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

Put your emotions under control and fight your flesh. Regardless of how you may feel emotionally, commit to growth rather than instant gratification. Allow yourself to experience the reward of obedience, hard-work and diligence. Don’t just follow popular opinions or what everyone is doing just because it is “easier”. Of course mediocrity is easy. Challenge yourself! Make wise decisions, commit to growth and fully experience what God has in stock for you.

Thanks for stopping by! I want to hear your thoughts. Let me know what other E’s you think are important to building a healthy, happy and creative life.

Cheers to breaking boxes and defying worldly notions! 👑

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