Being Pressed Down in Your Sleep

December 13, 2013

I have pondered for quite sometime on whether or not to write on this topic because sometimes it’s not very easy to explain certain spiritual  things.
From what I re-call, from when I was about 11/12 years old, I got pressed down in my sleep. I’ll close my eyes to sleep and suddenly wake up being aware of my surroundings but not physically able to move, speak or see. I was able to hear conversations though and always wanted to scream “wake me up!” but I was never able to.
This went on for a while and I never really understood it. I remember asking a group of people if the same happened to them. Some experienced it so I felt “maybe it wasn’t so strange”.
I was in high school at this period and It started occurring more often and scared me, so I told my mum who is also Christian and so she prayed with me and told me to say “Jesus” whenever it happens till I’m finally able to wake up.
It continued and I continued to say Jesus. Sometimes it got so bad I thought I wouldn’t come out of it. Two years before I was done high school, my mum called me and told me she spoke to her pastor friend about it and he said that it was not just something normal to be taken lightly and that it was a way the enemy used to steal virtues from people or plant other things into their lives.
Knowing that it was a spiritual attack. I became more afraid to sleep.
I then realized a pattern. It started occurring every time I was expecting something good like a promotion or grades et al. It became so far from coincidental that any time it occurred, I knew the enemy was trying to either steal my breakthrough or turn something good coming and so I’ll wake up, pray and cancel it.
When I got to my first year of Uni, It became virtually an everyday thing. It was a much deeper experience which I’ll rather not share to scare any one but basically, I couldn’t sleep. I purposely changed my sleeping pattern and started to study through the night so I could go to bed at 7am in the mornings when it was getting bright even though I had 9am classes. It just happened basically at every opportunity I slept.
When I got to my second year in Uni, it became something else. By this time I had grown a lot in my relationship with God and for some reason it was getting more intense. I couldn’t sleep. I’ll wake up at different times of the night being disturbed. Sometimes I’ll sleep really late and only 15minutes of me going to bed, I’ll have to wake up and often times, with a very sharp headache. I wad so angry and frustrated. My then roommate who was also a believer one day asked me if there was anyway she could help, after the few times I crashed at her room and she had seen how sleeping through the night was a struggle.  I like to be strong through whatever, but there were some days I will just go lock myself in my room and cry to God. The devil is really cursed.
Two summers ago after about nine years, I googled it and I found a wiki page that describes it as “sleep paralysis” and another website that has it as a sleep deprivation or something where it says it is a “direct physical attack of a spirit on a person” where it had a picture of funny looking creature curled up and stepping / siting on the top of a sleeping persons back and smiling.
There is no doubt whatsoever that being pressed down in one’s sleep is  not normal or just coincidence which the enemy will like us to believe because when you snap out from this type of experience, you feel like nothing really happened and you might as well go back to sleep but that’s a lie and part of the cunny craftiness of the enemy.
If you have had this type of experience or are still having it, keep praying and God will deliver you as He’s delivered me.
P.S I have been very busy and didn’t even remember I had a blog but it has been on my spirit for the past two weeks to write this post and so if you are out there reading this and is going through this or any other similar thing, know that for me to write this and for you to read it that God loves you and was thinking about you wants you to be watchful and alert of the enemy’s devices.
Once you are aware, the devil has failed because when God reveals a thing, he has given us power over it.
It says in Hosea 4:6 that “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” but now, YOU KNOW!
I’ll be putting up another post shortly on things you can do to help.
God bless! Xxx

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