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October 31, 2013

It is funny how sometimes the holiest people, the people that think they are perfect, the people that judge others, the people that cannot love unbelievers because they think they are lower than them, the people that think they have reached the peak of what it means to be “good”, the people who choose to be blind to someone else’s hurt – who say; “they brought it upon themselves, so it serves them right”, It’s funny because these people call themselves Christians and some of them even lead the church. What’s funnier is that God is a merciful God, not a court judge and in the end, sometimes tables turn and the people who are perceived as not good enough for the kingdom make heaven while some of the ones perceived as “perfect” don’t.  Finding your faith or being saved doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there for other people who are just like you and even mostly need your help to get through whatever life situation they are in. You just might save them. I lost my aunt yesterday who had been fighting cancer for so long, but I know she is in a better place and I hope her soul rests in perfect peace. x

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