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October 5, 2013

I never understand why in a struggle to fit in people always sell their souls. They place the opinions of people that don’t even matter over those of the people who really do.
Some go as far as ridiculing their family and closest friends just to be “cool”. 
Coming to terms with who you really are and being comfortable in it should be your main goal and not getting people to like you or any phony life you are trying to create.
It’s sad because you’ll learn that people never really care; If you disappear, if you phone stops working, you switch address or you’re in a situation.
Everyone is still out there living their lives. It is probably the ones that you really matter to that even take notice.
That’s why it’s important to never forget those that are there for you during the hardest times of your life. Those people become family.
And at the end of the day, we are living our lives for God and partially ourselves and maybe our family.
So be beautiful and whoever doesn’t accept you for who you are isn’t worthy to be part of your story. It might suck, but move on, rather than spending the rest of your life trying to impress someone who will never be impressed anyway! 
In the meantime, dumbfound those that are special to you with love. 

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