May 10, 2013

It is an unconscious nerve response to worry when things don’t go how we plan or expect. When things start to go wrong and get confusing, we feel overwhelmed, and often times than not, we worry.
But what does worry do? It steals from us. Joy, peace, happiness, positivity, clear thinking, it steals all these from us.
Worry brings unnecessary tension to our lives and robs us of solutions and even our blessings sometimes.
Worry brings fear and wherever there is fear, there isn’t faith.

Faith is the door through which our blessings pass and so if we don’t even believe, we can shut our blessing out.
As I said in an earlier post, I’ve been getting to know myself more and working on some key areas of my life.
I have come to realize that there is absolutely NO reason to worry. Literally. It’s a total waste of time and never changes the situation.

There is a solution to everything when you trust God because he is the ultimate fixer. If you fail an exam, kneel down and pray. You lose your job? Kneel down and pray.

As human beings we somewhat want some kind of control over things and
most times it takes some level of tiredness and frustration to actually “let God” take full charge.
I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and God always has a plan. When your day or any situation is going really messy, it’s important to just stay calm and tell God to “take the wheel” and to truly believe He’ll do something.

Since the year begun, I decided I wasn’t going to stress anymore and I left EVERYTHING in God’s hands. I have never been more marveled at the amazing things that happen when you trust God a hundred percent.
Life is so much easier when you’re on the back seat while Jesus drives.

Basic point is if you just leave everything to God, you’ll be surprised how every disappointment is truly a blessing. “Worry” kills. Look to God. Believe there’s something better. Be happy.

Read: Psalm 55:2
John 14:27
Matthew 11:28
Luke 12:24-26
Matthew 6:25-34

God bless you.

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