Get To Know Yourself

April 8, 2013

In the last few months, I have had to sit down and go through my life; my past, my mistakes, my experiences, the places I have made growth, the places I have relented and the places where I’m totally disoriented.

I have had to weigh what’s important in my life and what’s not, the things I value and the reason why I value them.

I have had to say to myself “Hi Anina, I want to get to know you more”. I have become my own friend and it has definitely helped me deal with situations better. It’s like getting to know someone you’re interested in, pretty intriguing I tell you.

It’s necessary for us to come to our own space sometimes, and get to know who we are without the crowd.

I believe who you’ll be 10 years from now depends on how you’re going about every aspect of your life from this very moment. If effective growth and change are not being made at a certain age then you might see yourself become the person you don’t wish to be.

I feel like I’ve learned more about myself in less than a year than I knew all throughout my life and that’s only because I paid attention more and was determined to.

I was never really able to place my hands on my talents but I literally have discovered tons of things I’m super good at just the same way I have discovered tons of things I need to work on.

It’s a gradual process for me still and I don’t believe growth happens that drastic but the most important thing is knowing who you are, what you want from life and living it. Rid yourself of all that limits your full potential and be the the best you can be.

The first step is to discover yourself, know your strengths and admit your weaknesses because remember that we can only change what we are willing to confront.

FFT: What steps have you taken lately to know and improve yourself?

Take yourself out on a date today.

  1. Stephanie Opute says:

    I must say that your works are truly inspiring.

  2. Stephanie Opute says:

    I must say that your works are truly inspiring.

  3. Anina Ilupeju says:

    Thanks Steph!

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