Command The Morning

October 5, 2012

Ignorance is as good as lack of vision or sight. Hosea 4:6 says “My people perish from a lack of knowledge”. The main reason we have problems in the first place can be traced back to lack of knowledge because if we knew exactly what to do, we’ll always be ahead.

One thing I learnt from when I was little was the power in early hour prayers. I saw my mum pray very early every morning before the sun was even out while everyone was still asleep and I never knew why but when i was talking to my friends in high school I figured many mums do the same but I said in my mind that “its probably a mum thing” Then later when I was about 16, I heard sermons about “command your morning” and I thought it’ll be cool to try it out and I did it continuously everyday. It is a nice and quiet time to connect with God and also speak into your day before it officially starts. Commanding does so many incredible things you never even see. It turns around what was supposed to be a bad day to a good one. You might be going for an interview, exam, business meeting or case but you don’t know what could have been done the previous day or night. You don’t know if failure was already sealed as your case. But no matter the case, your prayer can turn it around and bring a desired change or result. You don’t know If sicknesses or death was programmed into your day but the Prayer you say before your day starts is able to nullify every unpleasant situation and change what was meant for bad for good for you. It can bring unmerited favor and huge surprises. Taking authority over your day and speaking exactly what you want to it can go a long way because The Lord says that “whatever you decree by my name shall be established”. It always helps to cancel any unfavorable situation and to attract and call happiness and glory to your day. It’s tricky sometimes because majority of us are asleep at 5,6 or anytime before so the hard part is waking up to pray but believe me that it’s totally worth it.

I encourage you to try it a few times and note how your day changes positively and then decide if you want to continue. You might be saved from some things you will never even know of.

It is very important to command your morning. God bless you.

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